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Monday, April 24, 2017

Stepping up the Adhesive Industry

Glue-More Packaging offers top quality packaging adhesive tecbond-glue-cartridgessystems and replacement spares for a wide range of industries and applications. As a Valco Melton accredited agency, Glue-More is able to bring global expertise and modern technology adapted to the South African market for hot and cold glue systems, allowing customers to stay ahead of important industry compliance requirements at all times. When partnering with Glue-More, each customer is guaranteed to receive exceptional service delivery and expert advice tailored to their unique and individual needs – this is the Glue-More promise.

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servicesGlue-More’s top priority is to ensure customer satisfaction through service excellence. Our comprehensive and efficient service capabilities include on-site maintenance and repair as well as the supply of spare parts and service contracts to give clients peace of mind that their equipment is always in top shape.



productsAs the sole distributor of Valco Melton systems in South Africa, Glue-More Packaging is able to deliver world-class equipment adapted for your specific needs and applications. From industrial to commercial – we have the right solution for you. For any product related information, give us a call on +27 11 968 9938.



industriesGlue-More Packaging supplies an extensive collection of adhesive equipment and components to meet the specific requirements of different industries countrywide and provides quality solutions for unique applications. Clients have come to entrust their business operations with our unbeatable service and superior products.


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